My Name is Joaquin Trevelline, I am a content creator based out of Montana, USA working with both video and photo.
Being in Montana has given many opportunities to capture, create, and refine my craft in a large variety of environments and shooting dynamics. Years of experience capturing in extreme harsh weather to shooting dynamic live events.
 As a content creator with a passion for movement and expression I am a medium for people, businesses, and brands to have their stories and moments captured, edited, and delivered as social media content. All of which is done with authenticity, respect, and intention.

Some of my work experience includes:
 4+ years shooting outdoor activities in rugged environments/terrains (Surfing, Snowmobiling, Skiing, and Hunting). 

4+ years shooting High-school and Division 1 college athletics (Football, Basketball, and Track & Field)

3+ years of shooting Behind The Scenes for creative projects and special events.

3+ years of creating abstract night time imagery to emphasize landscapes, places, and products

2+ years of Water Videography and Photography (Capturing from the water in rivers, lakes, streams, and oceans)
 I understand the need for authentic, respectful, and intentional content creation. You can trust in our team at Expressive Medias to consistently prioritize these values with our services and provide quality deliverables.

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