Joaquin Trevelline 

I am a creative and outdoorsman based out of Montana, USA
Living in Montana has given me unique opportunities to capture, create, and refine my craft in a large variety of environments. From rivers to arenas, I have years of experience capturing in extreme conditions and shooting dynamic live events. I live with a passion for movement and the outdoors.
 As a content creator I enjoy working with people, brands, and businesses to showcase their Expression Through Movement. My goal is to create potent imagery and authentic visuals. 
5 years of experience shooting outdoor activities in various environments and terrains 
4 years of water videography and photography
(from the streams, rivers, lakes, and oceans)
4 years experience shooting high school and division 1 college athletics
(Football, Basketball, and Track & Field)

4 years of experience creating abstract low light imagery
Thank you

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